There are various ways to raise money for your charity. Charity online auction is one of the options. Getting people together for a cause and getting them to support your charity are two different things. When you are raising funds for charity you may ask for donations, may ask for the government help or go to a family trust which will have designated amount for charity.

If your charity has a celebrity sponsor you will find that it becomes that much easy to raise money for the charity. Conducting auctions is one of the things that can be done. The live auction has its own limitations. The timing may not be suitable for some people or they may not be able to leave home for various reasons. Charity online auction takes care of these problems. Geographical boundaries cease to exist and people can bid from the home.

Though there is no sense of physical presence like a live auction people can enjoy the process. The money you have to spend in order to conduct a live auction can be saved on online auction. There are people and websites who can help you in your charity online auction. For a nominal fee you get more exposure and the ‘behind the silent auction ideas scene’ activities are taken care of the professionals. You do not have to spend any time. All you have to do is to put the items on for auctions. Talk to different people and get things from them to put on auction.

Another interesting thing that the researchers have found out for charity online auction is that the majority of online bidders are women! Yes about more than 70% bidders are women. They love to take their time while bidding, which they can not do on a live auction.

Charity online auction can be done over a period of time. The researchers have also found that if the auction is on for more days the amount generated is much on the higher side than a day’s auction. It is possible to hold charity online auction for a longer period of time.

You can give lots of options for bidding such as you could put up a holiday package for two or dinner coupons for two in a upscale restaurant. There could be various links and the sponsor may also have a link to his website. Once the person bids for something he gets to see or get a virtual tour of the item. The charity and the sponsor both of them get the benefit of more visibility and people love the feeling of doing charity. If a celebrity is involved in that charity then the traffic will increase ten folds.

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