Continuous Testing and Continuous Delivery With LeanFT

The main challenge of the current technology development is the speed of execution and the agility. Aiming to attain these qualities have led to development and adoption of development methodologies such as Agile as well as Devops. The principle that drives both methods of development includes continuous integration, as well as continual testing to ensure continuous delivery. The testing process has to be a cross-functional operationthat involves all members of the team throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. Continuous delivery involves those who are engineers, development teams, QA testers and operations.


Continuous delivery is made possible through continuous testing.  continuous integration Continuous Testing must implement the principles and methods in agile development as well as the QA to ensure a more efficient testing process. In order to achieve this the need for an automated end to final testing solution is required which can be integrated within the current development process, thereby reducing mistakes and ensuring continuity throughout the development process.


To accomplish the above-mentioned goal efficiently, LeanFT is one of the most effective alternatives. LeanFT is an automatic tool for functional testing made specifically for the Agile and Devops methodologies. LeanFT aids Agile and Devops with the shift-left approach. The Agile and Devops methods emphasize good planning and focusing more on the end user. Agile has separated the development lifecycle, conceptualizing the shift of the testing and integration process through every stage of the development lifecycle. LeanFT is a good fit for this aspect that is part of Agile along with Devops. It is targeted at dev-testers Test automation engineers and subject matter experts. It’s fully integrated into the QA environments. It is very easy to integrate within any of the current IDEs. So, testers and developers can improve their scripts and enhance maintenance. LeanFT assists in identifying defects earlier in the development phase and reduces the stress in testing as well as debugging further on in the cycle of development.


LeanFT is tools to help you write tests efficiently. It integrates with common unit testing frameworks, which results in a better coordination between the developers and automation engineers. If implemented properly LeanFT’s instrument for continuously testing allows for continuous testing throughout the life cycle. Testing, which was previously thought of as difficult and exhausting is made simple through LeanFT which guarantees the release of your product in a time-based manner with the highest quality software.


LeanFT is available directly via UFT 12.5. Users of UFT benefit from their experience when the use of LeanFT. LeanFT is compatible with almost every Applications Under test (AUT) and also supports code scripting in a variety of programming languages.



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