Dog Breeds Info – The Weimaraner

Dog Breeds Info – The Weimaraner:

The Weimaraner is a Gundog, and is a member of the HPR category which means Hunt, Point and Retrieve. This breed was thought to be developed in the Weimar region of Eastern Germany, however they are popular around the world these days, including the UK, Europe, Australia and USA.

Weimaraner Characteristics:

The Weimaraner has a really distinctive colour, classed as silver-grey, and also shades of mouse grey or roe-grey. Ideally without any white markings, however a small white mark on the chest is allowed. Their sleek coat and colour really is of a striking silver sheen, and they can be both long haired or the more common short haired.

They are a large dog breed, the height range being from 57cm to 70cm to the withers, with an average weight range of 25kg to 40kg, bitches tend to be at the smaller end of the spectrum and dogs at the larger end.

As a puppy his eyes are an incredible blue colour, but as he matures they generally turn more to amber coloured. Another lovely feature of the Weimaraner are his ears, they are long and floppy, but have a slight fold too.

Their body should be sleek and muscled in the correct places, so not skinny or emaciated, and also not overweight and fat. These are traditional hunting dogs and are able to run and work for hours, so their condition should reflect a dog that is in fit looking condition rather than fat or skinny.

One variation which is seen is that some have their tails docked and others have a full tail. The law regarding this changed, and hence those with docked tails will generally be older in age than the Weimaraner’s seen today with full tails which have been born after the docking law changed.

The Weimaraner is an incredibly intelligent and friendly dog, but can be very determined and dominant too. It is because of such strong characteristics that they suit some owners much more than others, and it is therefore essential that you are fully aware of this and ensure you have the temperament, time, ability and correct environment to have a Weimaraner before considering getting one.

Dog Breeds Info – The Weimaraner – At Home and Outdoors:

They are very owner focussed and are naturally protective of their family home too. They like to be with you; in fact they like to be so close to you they have to be touching you. So you will find that they like to lie with a paw or head on your feet when settled down in the evening, and if you get up to leave the room they will generally follow! They do not like to be shut away on their own, and like human company. They also require a lot of exercise so be prepared that 10 minutes in the park or a walk on the lead around the block is not enough daily exercise for an adult Weimaraner.

You must make the effort to socialise your Weimaraner when he is young to get him used to all sorts of everyday experiences, such as children, strangers, other dogs, livestock, traffic, bikes, etc. If this is done properly it will work wonders for him throughout adulthood as he will be well adjusted and sociable animal.

Weimaraners are fine as a family pet as long as you know and understand his health, training and welfare needs, and his strong character. They are generally good with children, but this obviously needs careful monitoring. However it must be remembered that they are big powerful dogs and care needs to be taken, especially when around little people, and particularly when these boisterous dogs decide to have a crazy 5 minutes! Today World Info

Dog Breeds Info – the Working Weimaraner:

Although they are fine as a pet, these dogs are bred as working dogs, primarily to fulfil main role as a Hunt Point and Retrieve dog. However, Weimaraner’s are quite a versatile breed and can be used for showing and agility too.

When these dogs are properly trained they are an absolute pleasure to watch, using their HPR skills, as they were bred for, either out in field trials or shooting. They are attentive and obedient to the master’s commands, they have a great nose for scent, with their tail wagging showing their enjoyment of working, their patience when pointing over game or target, swimming when required, and then the precision of returning the shot bird or target directly into the master’s hand.

To get to these levels of training with a Weimaraner takes a lot of hard work, and it is well worth seeking the advice of a professional or attending proper training classes. However even if you have no intention of working your dog, it is essential that he has basic training. This includes him being house trained, and understanding basic commands such as sit, stay, lie down, walk to heel properly, and to come when called. These dogs are instinctively hunting dogs and so it is important that they are trained correctly and are controllable, otherwise they will go hunting!


Samsung Galaxy S4 – The New Star In The Galaxy!

Samsung! A brand that singlehandedly changes the landscape of global smart phone market. Ask any mobile phone expert about the market without Samsung and you’d get a clod look. Quite frankly, the South Korean manufacturer has had a far-reaching impact not only on the fringe players but also on the big brands by forcing them to think and rethink their product and positioning strategies.

Samsung’s blitz Krieg of Marketing and product launches took everyone by surprise few years back. Before many realized, Samsung had firmly placed its grip on the Smart Phone market. If most industry reports are to be believed and followed, Apple is in for a tough fight due to Samsung while HTC, Sony, Nokia and even the great Blackberry are trying to catch-up with some of the key ground that they’ve lost to Samsung.

The latest launches from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S4 are an intriguing offering. Though many would find it hard to distinguish between the Galaxy S3 and S4, the S4 is surely and advanced version of the S3 and has a lot to offer to its ever expanding consumer base. The one change that most people were expecting and were disappointed was in the body of Galaxy S4. The plastic-like appearance of the Galaxy S3 walks in rebranded with the Galaxy S4. samsung 55au7700

The full HD AMOLED screen is fast becoming a signature mark for Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 works to the advantage of the consumer with improved looks and screen resolution. The body is smaller and thinner as compared to the Galaxy S3. At 5 inches the phone certainly has a longer display surface as compared to its competitors like the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. however; the resolution hardly gets distorted thanks to the pan-viewing angle of the device.

The 1.6 GHz processor with a 2 GB RAM is a decent combination. Though, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z houses better processors, the Galaxy S4’s processor gets the job done for the Jelly bean Android OS. Samsung is good at packing small innovations with high impact on the users. With the Galaxy S4, the new Smart Stay technology claims to ad an intuitive feel to user experience. It tracks the eyeball movement of the user and pause the videos on gaze.

The internet browsing experience is taken to a whole new level. A 2600 MaH battery powering the Galaxy S4 supports the device positively. A 13 MPa rare camera works well to its favour but the front camera is frankly a disappointment. The internal and external memory is not a cause of concern in any of the high end smart phones, and Galaxy S4 is not an exception to the same.

Samsung has invested heavily in the marketing campaigns and strongly favoured a guerrilla marketing strategy for most of its launches. Having set the benchmark quite high with the galaxy S3, the galaxy S4’s pre-launch hype certainly created a lot of anticipation around the seemingly feature-rich phone. But, what eventually turned out was a (comparatively) dismal show from a phone that was set to revolutionize the smart phone market and drive the fringe elements of Sony, LG and HTC out of the competition. Instead, Galaxy S4 has provided them an opportunity to come back and strike Samsung hard by making a dent in its market share.

Samsung is quick to learn from its mistakes. It definitely would have sensed the mood after the galaxy S4’s launch. With the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z knocking hard on their doors, Blackberry gearing up with Z10 and Q10, Samsung’s investments in R&D will have to be ramped up and complemented with smart product features. A long standing complaint about the ‘plastic-feel’ in Samsung Galaxy series has to be addressed in its next version. Especially with the competitors edging them up.