Locksmith Jobs in Seattle WA – The Picking is Good!

Locksmithing is a skilled trade that involves planning, installing, servicing, and maintaining mechanical and electronic lock systems. Locksmiths also change lock combinations and make keys for many types of locks. Customers come to a locksmith when they need advice regarding security for their homes or Locksmith Ballard businesses. Many locksmiths are self-employed and have their own shops. These shops can be stationary or mobile, like a van fitted out with all the necessary equipment and stock. Locksmiths may also work for entities that manufacture locks and other security items like safes. Hardware and department stores can also employ locksmiths. In addition, government agencies and large industrial plants require the services of a locksmith on a regular basis. Locksmiths often find permanent employment with many of the enterprises listed above.

Some of the duties of a locksmith include:

– Making emergency repairs to lock systems. Many locksmiths are available on a 24-hour basis via pagers and telephone hotlines.
– Operating machines like key coders and key cutters.
– Compiling and updating a log of system codes. This log is a confidential and secure document.
– Determining the correct lock system for a variety of private residences, business and public buildings.
– Maintains a stock of key blanks and other materials needed for the conduct of his business.

Locksmiths may have a branch of their businesses that involves repairing and servicing all types of doors, both residential, institutional and business, including door closers, exit devices and panic bars. Since many locksmiths are self-employed, they also need general business skills like the ability to accurately estimate time and material costs. Locksmiths also should be able to maintain a simple inventory system and order stock and materials as needed. Other general skills for a locksmith include the ability to:

– Interpret and understand blueprints.
– Work with minimal supervision.
– Communicate effectively with customers and others, either in person or on the telephone.
– Use both manual and power tools.
– Make skillful, controlled manipulations of small objects to assemble and disassemble locking devices.

In the state of Texas, locksmiths are licensed. No license is required unless the services are made available to the public. The Texas Locksmith Association explains that “If you are a locksmith for a large manufacturing plant for example or a school district and service only the locks owned by your employer no license is required.”

Locksmith salaries in the United States range from about $26,800 to about $39,500, with the median being about $32,800. In Texas, the average is slightly higher at about $36,200. Because many locksmiths are self-employed, they need to provide their own benefits, such as medical insurance, life insurance and retirement planning. The state of Texas has a varied climate and offers a wide range of living possibilities from big city to small town. Cost of living in Texas is well below the national average. Housing, food and utility costs are also below the national average. Here’s an example for the city of Houston:

Overall cost of living – 10% lower than national average
Cost of groceries – 18% lower
Cost of housing – 11% lower
Cost of utilities – 2% lower


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