How do you choose your lottery numbers? Randomly? In a sequence? Do you have a ritual for the way you pick or do you always go for the unexpected? Choosing the winning lottery numbers is no easy task, as the probability of winning the jackpot is always fairly small — otherwise it wouldn’t be a lot of a prize when it did happen!

Some people may be superstitious about 威力彩線上買 whether or not they will win the lottery or not — some people have vivid dreams about winning, some people go to psychics about their winning lottery numbers, others simply believe that one day it will happen to them. Some believe in luck yet others think that these things cannot be believed and is it all down to luck. Scientists and mathematicians though could tell you that in fact there is way to guess or at least predict to some extent, what numbers are drawn. The formula is not perfect and it can’t necessarily tell you exactly which numbers would come out but it can give you a better chance of taking a prize home.

Whatever your beliefs a confident outlook is always helpful when playing the lottery and in fact in every walk of life! For example if you think that there is no point in wasting the entry money as your likelihood of winning are so small, then you’ll definitely 100% don’t you have an opportunity of winning — because you don’t have a ticket. Yet no one can claim, if you have a ticket that is valid, that you cannot 100% win the jackpot — there is always an opportunity.

Other people are driven by signs and symbols — for example, people may go out and get a ticket for the lottery when it’s their birthday or there is a special occasion because there is a belief that it is luckier. Other times, people have a lucky week, better than usual or something, people see talisman like a black cat or two magpies. As crazy as they sound, when we are positive and have some belief that things may come true.

Many lottery winners later on say that they were going i win, because they felt lucky, because things had got so bad that they could only better, that they had an itchy side (which is a traditional old spouse sign that you are about to come into some cash! ) and had seen other signs that were lucky.

But there is not a 100% guarantee when it comes to the lottery — the fact is that there is a huge chance of not winning and a tiny one you will win something — yet without contributing you will not know. Hitting those lucky numbers can be as much about going out there and taking a chance as it is about choosing them. A big majority of people do not get involved because of the huge likelihood of losing — but this applies to many things in life. Without giving things a go, you will not know!

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