Leather jackets are one the most versatile and fashionable leather jackets pieces that a person can own. They have firmly established themselves in the fashion industry with a long history on record just like jeans. They have numerous reasons why they have remained a favourite for many over the years.

Some of these advantages include the fact they go well with almost everything that they are worn with. They are soft and comfortable and they can therefore be worn for long periods of time. There are available in heavy duty, medium and light weight options making them great for different weather patterns. This type of clothing is also easily accessible to all in spite of the wide range in the price bracket.

Other advantages include the fact there are many types designs of this clothing. Besides the designs, the jackets are easy to clean and maintain but most important of all is the fact that they are made to last, if you get a genuine one.

The types of jackets that are available in the market include jackets for both females and males as well pieces that are unisex. There are both retail and wholesale affordable jackets; the price itself differs with the design and the quality of each design as well as the designer of the same.

The males have gorgeous designs made by manufacturers that vary from piece to piece. Examples of these jackets include the exotic leather jackets such as the python skin jackets, there is the hooded zipper jacket, the classic leather jacket, suede, long coat and there is even a jacket with lace sides.

The colours of these differ with each unique piece or they can be a combination of colours. Some are also identified by their origin such as the European leather jacket and snake skin jackets from Indonesia. Yet others are known by the type of leather that is used to make the jacket with an example being the buffalo leather jacket or lambskin jacket.

The women are not left out of the equation as there are specific jackets that are made with just them in mind. The females have the python skin jackets, stretch leather and vintage jackets. Unique pieces for women include the A leather trench coat and even exotic leather jackets with an option of vegan leather or faux leather.

Other options for both include the choice of fasteners that are used in the making of the jackets such as the zips and buttons. Another variable is the type and size of pockets or the absence of any. Embellishments like studs and other accessories such as belts are also available depending on the design. A few pieces here and there also have accompanying pants to match the top, chaps or leather vests.

All these and more jackets are available in retail and wholesale affordable prices for different markets. The size and colour of each individual piece is indicated right next to it with possible variations in available colours.

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