Anyone who has visited the coast has experienced something special that they would love to take with them. Since not all of us can pack up and move to the nearest bayside town, must we leave the tranquility of vacation behind until the next voyage? Not at all. The space behind our home is one where we can be as creative as we wish. Creating a personal retreat with all of the feel of the coast is within reach. A space made beautiful by using wicker furniture as the starting point of a backyard décor will be so rich in Cape Cod flair that you will almost smell the salty air and regal in breezes that feel straight from the sea on a warm day.

Covered patios can start with a naturally appealing seagrass rug under foot. Wicker Dining Sets This sets the tone for an elegant area, whether you choose dining furniture or wicker lounging chairs and sofas. Be sure to check the limitations of rugs before choosing the right one. Many natural material rugs do better in dry areas. Atop of a rug, consider placing a wicker rocking chair or two, such as the Richmond Rocker from NCI Wicker. A marvelous thing about resin wicker is that it has weather resistant qualities, and also that the colors won’t fade from exposure to the elements. Cushions for your new rocker come in weather resistant fabrics and colors that will fit perfectly within the color palette of coastal living. Blues, yellows and whites in cushions contrast nicely to a white resin or even a walnut resin wicker if you prefer the look of natural wood. If extra seating is required, there is also a matching loveseat made of the same sturdy materials that will give you just what you need.

Wicker is such a good option for outdoor living rooms because it is also a type of furniture that can be used indoors; therefore it has a quality and timelessness to it that other patio furniture simply cannot match. The appeal of wicker is comprehensive, lending a vibe that is ultra inviting to the weary homeowner at the end of a long day. The characteristics of this type of furniture allow for it to be completely low maintenance, leaving your time to remain free for you to just spend time resting on the patio, not working on it.

Around your new outdoor sitting area, placing clear bowls filled with shells atop wicker side tables or a tea cart will enhance the coastal air without overdoing the theme. Should you have a covered patio near the exterior wall of your home, you could even place a picture of the shore on the wall to bring the beach to you every single day. Lanterns with tea light candles can either hang from the patio overhang, or sit all around the patio for subtle lighting on warm moonlit evenings. Plants nearby the patio such as Pampas grass, ferns, and lavender can provide life to the area that is flowing and airy.

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